Almost all of us make a list of useful intentions at the beginning of the year: stop smoking, go to the gym, take a trip … If between your wishes of 2017 you are dedicating a little more time to the house or doing some remodeling, however, small be, today I bring you some ideas so that, with a reduced budget, you can achieve significant changes.

Of course, before I start, I propose that you order all the pieces well and take the opportunity to do a review and get what you do not need or no longer use. With your spaces cleared and ordered, you can see more clearly what parts of your house need a little push, like a high end kitchen design.

Change the layout of your furniture

Sometimes we do not realize that we do not need to spend a lot of money to get a significant change: redistribute the furniture we have! Rest the sofa on another wall, move the dining room to another corner or redistribute the pictures on the wall. An instant change for zero pesos.

Paint the cabinets (and doors) and change the handles

The doors sometimes go unnoticed and nevertheless they are essential elements in our decoration. If your doors are wood color, you will be able to lighten and illuminate your spaces by painting them white.

With the cabinets, you can dare a little more with bright colors. Do not you want to paint? Change the shooters!

Change the textiles

If you have furniture of primary colors and simple upholstery, you will achieve impressive transformations just by changing the textiles. Buy new cushions or blankets, or replace the curtains. If you do not have much budget, you always have the option to recycle old sweaters and blankets and make them yourself. Get ahead of the cold!

The color of the walls completely changes the look of an environment, so if you want to give a little joy to your living room, you can paint one of the walls with a color that matches your decor. Again, you do not want or cannot paint? Then the fastest and most effective option is a vinyl!

Paint antique furniture

You may have gotten tired of that comfort you have had since you left your parents’ house or that chair you bought from your grandmother’s house, but you feel sorry to get rid of them … No need! With a little paint, you can give them a new life and ultimately renew your decoration with just a couple of strokes.

A new backrest for your bed

In addition to changing the bedding and painting the walls, you can get a new look for your piece with a different backing. If you have a traditional one, you can choose a more modern one, or even do it yourself! Do you want a significant change? So I propose that you eliminate the backrest and paint the wall with a solid color or vertical stripes. You can place some shelves on top, or even a couple of maxi tiles.

Change the photos of your frames

Had it occurred to you? Evidently, in 2016, you have lived fabulous moments that are worth printing and reviving every day.